Miss Pre Teen South Dakota International 2021

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Hailey Thomas

Hi, I am Hailey. A small town South Dakota girl and a 6th grader at Chamberlain Middle School. Math is my favorite right now, probably because I have an awesome teacher! I am also a member of Balance Studio's competitive cheer team River Rush. Spending time with my teammates, friends and family is a must! I also enjoy spending time with animals, in fact I have quite a few. I have a dog, 4 cats, a fish, hamster, pig and yearling calf. I think I get my caring qualities from my mom who is a nurse and my love for animals from my dad who is a rancher. I am passionate about volunteering for local animal shelters. I believe all animals should be treated with love and respect. Small acts of kindness can go a long way! #PeaceLoveAnimals

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Miss Pre Teen South Dakota International 2021

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