Mrs. South Dakota International 2021

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Chelsie Bakken

Since I was a child I have always exploring with a pen or paintbrush. My mind has always had to make, to immerse myself in imagination. A dreamer, a virtuoso of creative ideation. 


I truly believe that our maker gave every person who walks the earth creative talent. 


These talents exist in everyday things – 

From the way a person applies their Halloween makeup to the home baker who melds the perfect complexity of flavor and beauty to serve their family something made with love.

My educational and career path has always taken me to places where creative thought is key and giving back to the community and others is encouraged. I promote the philosophy that art isn’t just about artists, it’s about sharing it with others so their lives can be enhanced. I focus on bringing creativity to community -- whether it’s from behind the scenes showcasing creative works at public art events, or by partnering with community groups and creative individuals to inspire others through education, sharing, leadership, and service. 

My platform “Everyone Arts” (yes, it's meant to sound like the other phrase that rhymes with it - silly is fun!), Encourages individuals to find and channel their creative strengths. It was created to help you look through an artist's lens to discover, to find, see, and use creativity in realms that you wouldn't normally explore or are not usually/always thought of as art.


You may say to yourself, "yeah, I like art, but can I use creativity in my everyday life?" The answer is YES. Art is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but the encouragement of creativity affects society in many ways other than just providing a beautiful/exciting environment in which we can reside. 

For example, creative thought patterns lead to "out of the box" thinking, which leads to new ideas and innovation. Creative thought provides answers to riddles previously unanswered by science and industry. Nurturing and encouraging original thought builds the entrepreneurial mindset and results in cutting edge programs and technologies.


Encouraging and supporting arts in ourselves, our families, homes, businesses, organizations, and communities not only showcases our unique culture and variety, but it also creates jobs, recreation, beautiful sights, and more. 


I hope that "Everyone Arts" will inspire individuals to get arty and find unexpected creativity in their workplaces, churches, kitchens, with their families, and in their everyday lives so they can say, "oops, I arted". Engineers, hairstylists, chefs, instructors, landscapers - they all do it. Everyone arts!

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Mrs. South Dakota International 2021

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